How to Make iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4/4S Run Faster?

So you have an idevice and you are having  problems running  different programs on it or say your camera is not working smoothly.Not anymore,coz if you follow these steps your idevice will be fast lets begin

Basic Methods to Keep iPhone Running Faster

  • Have as less as possible Apps running in Backgrounding/Multitasking – A good example is when multitasking Skype, as well as having two or more Gameloft games standby, your iPhone will be laggy and slow, and it may even crash to save mode.
  • Keep iOS and Apps up to date may also help iPhone running robustly.
  • In-depth iPhone Speeding Up Solution

  • if you have an iphone 3 or 3gs and you are running on ios5 or above.your phone might run slow because apple iOS devices are used to, unknowingly, load up with a large number of long-term caches, temp and junk files generated by Apps or resulted by iTunes failed syncs. And these useless junk files consumed too much memory resource when launching apps, browsing the web, or playing big games.
  • to clear these unknowingly loaded junks that consume a lot of memory.use an app called phone clean
  • PhoneClean is an up-to-the-minute iPhone, iPad, iPod touch cleaning application, which is dedicatedly designed to free up space on iPhone; clean App cache, cookies, and history; sweep off media temp files, etc
  • it helped me save my memory and made my phone faster

For those who have a jailbroken iphone:

  • the first thing you should know is that installing useless cydia tweaks or apps  are lowering your internal only install useful apps from trusted sources
  • do not install any apps to overclock your phone.they might seem to be working first…..but trust me guys, they will take  a lot of memory and hence degrade your games or apps performance

These are few methods to speed up your idevice.

hope it helps…..


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